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Human Target Pilot Episode Spoilers Page

UPDATE 1/29/09: Thanks to "Ms. Info," character breakdowns for Human Target (copyright to its respective producers):

Christopher Chance: (30's) HANDSOME, rugged & rumpled. Chance is a former bad guy who switched teams and now heads a rather unorthodox security company, allowing him to use his considerable skills to take on those who prey on innocents. Adept at marital arts, graceful & confident, he is the ultimate risk taker, willing to put his life on the line to stop a madman, catch a killer or solve a crime. Charming, driven, enigmatic, he's a man with a "low opinion of people," but someone who'll take a bullet for a stranger, be a human target for hire...SERIES REG.

Winston: Black, British (35-44). He is Chance's business partner & trusted friend. He's also the calm voice of reason when Chance becomes overly-zealous. He'd like to see Chance take some time off after his last death-defying gig, but knows he's up against an immovable force once Chance becomes intrigued with a case. Winston is a tad wary when Chance leaps at the opportunity to protect the life of a young woman who resembles another woman from Chance's past. AEP...SERIES REG.

Guerrero: A skinny guy (35-50). He, too, is a former bad guy, now Chance's information-gatherer for a highly unorthodox security company. Good at his job, a man who knows how to slip in and out of situations, Guerrero keeps his ear to the ground. Both clever and observant, a bit creepy at times, he hones in on the details, and acts on his hunches...7/13th...SERIES REG.

Stephanie Dobbs: 35, sophisticated-sexy. Stephanie works in special projects for McNamara Engineering. Most recently, she has designed a high-powered bullet train, soon to take its maiden voyage. However, she has been targeted by a killer, adamant that Chance take her on as a client. Stubborn and not a great people-person, she soon butts heads with Chance, but we get a sense there's a touch of chemistry beneath the acrimony...GUEST STAR.

Tom Jansen: In his 40's, General Counsel for the engineering company where Stephanie is employed, also best friends with James, Stephanie's husband. A decent, easy-going sort, he adoes Stephanie, even with all her quirks. Later, he's stunned and horrified to learn that information he's passed along to James, hoping it could be used to protect Stephanie, had been used, instead, as ammunition...GUEST STAR.

Hollis: Raspy-voiced, desperate and clearly on-edge, this gunman is out for revenge, determined to take out his former boss who had fired him, leaving him with nothing. Out-of-control, not to be dissuaded, he has his plans thwarted by a calm, cold, take-charge Christopher Chance...GUEST STAR.

James: In his 40's, a professor at UCLA, James is Stephanie's husband. Seemingly supportive of his wife, he later proves to be murderously vengeful...1 speech & 5 lines, 5 scenes

McNamara: Stephanie's boss, head of McNamara Engineering, he is a coolly collected, ultra-pragmatic man for whom the bottom line is everything...2 speeches & 3 lines, 2 scenes.

STORYLINE: Formerly an agent for the dark side, CHRISTOPHER CHANCE now heads up a very unorthodox security company....

UPDATE 1/28/09: Some minor details about the Human Target pilot have now become available.

Casting is currently underway for the lead character of Christopher Chance. Chance is one of those types that promotes action rather than threats, because threats make things messier..

Also being cast as an associate of Chance is someone named "Winston," who is helping him track down someone named Lydecker, but worries that Chance will leave this "life" behind as it's already separated him from a woman named Mary. He wonders why Chance continually puts himself in danger and wonders if it's because Chance has some sort of a death wish for himself.

Chance also interacts a woman named Stephanie who asks if "Christopher Chance" is really his name at one point. Stephanie's appearance is similar to the "Mary" from Chance's past. It seems like Stephanie may be one of Chance's contacts, as well. She also wonders why Chance helps people since he doesn't really seem to even like people so much.

From the casting information that became available, it seems that Human Target could be a double edged sword: On the bright side, it could be a worthy successor to 24 as a great action series for FOX. It's an interesting lead character with a network of contacts, and could make for some excellent action sequences. The bad side? Even though the Human Target is a DC Comics property, there is nothing that makes it uniquely comics-inspired beyond the character name. Granted, the DC/Vertigo comic was the same way, but I'd still really be more excited to have something more comics-oriented on the TV screens. Either way, if this is well cast, and it hits the air, it could be something relaly good.

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